Food & Drinks

Rooftop bar - Brasserie Draken

Enjoy our signature cocktails

Rather than temporarily trendy, we prefer timeless favorites, often with a personal and surprising interpretation. Here, it's more about the classics with a modern attitude rather than experimental mixology.


One wine list, endless of possibilities

The wine list speaks for itself and we aim to create one of Gothenburg´s boldest wine cellars. We handpicked 250 different wines with weight in Europe, but also goodies from the new world, a well-sorted wine list both vertically and with unique products. You can drink a great wine for the buck but there's also no stopping the other way if you want to go all in.


Our food philosophy

Our menu is a tribute to the brasserie classics we love, with a unique twist that surprises. We find inspiration from the international kitchens  with no limits or boundaries, yet we see to the Nordic produce to create a taste experience with finesse and authenticity where genuine and honest cooking is central. Alongside carefully selected wines, every meal here becomes a celebration. 


Brasseriet opening hours

  1. Mon - Tue
  2. Wed - Thu
  3. Fri - Sat

Rooftop bar opening hours

  1. Mon - Thu
  2. Fri - Sat